Prepare today for the payments of tomorrow

Mobile and digital are changing the payment landscape fast, with new transaction types, payment methods, channels and technologies.

These developments are disrupting the traditional payment market, and transforming consumer behaviour. With new technologies come new challenges, which you must address if you’re to meet the demands of tomorrow.

The Payment Business School will help you prepare for the future of payments, with an extensive range of practical programmes that enable you to learn quickly. Leading industry experts will give you the inside track on latest developments, together with the practical knowledge you need to develop strategies for the real world.

The complete mobile & digital payment training solution

The Payment Business School training courses will give you a comprehensive understanding of:

  • New forms of payment in the digital age, and how they’re changing the way people pay.
  • The rise of e-commerce and what it means for your business.
  • The benefits to the consumer and retailer, and how to gain adoption of new payment technologies.
  • The challenges of mobile and digital payment methods.
  • Developing new propositions that place the end-user at its heart.
  • How to make money from new channels and technology.
  • Harnessing the power of data to maximise profit and productivity.
  • Gaining and winning consumers in a ‘throwaway’ mobile/digital society, with low levels of loyalty.
  • How to future-proof your business.

Through our practical, hand-on courses, you’ll learn all about new opportunities (revenue streams, new services, improved efficiencies, increased loyalty) and handling the challenges (security, adoption, risk, education). Through a stimulating mix of case studies, best practice, simulations and real-world examples, you’ll learn fast how to exploit these new opportunities to the full.

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"Understanding the Blockchain
Demystify the Blockchain and Bitcoin
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"Mobile & Cloud-Based Payments
Understand the world of NFC & tokenised m-payments
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"Digital Identity & Authentication
Learn the importance of trusted transactions
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"Well structured with practical examples and insights providing me with a clear understanding on the challenges and opportunities of our business."

"Fantastic insight into the digital landscape and the key strategic considerations - very interesting."

About Our Mobile & Digital Programmes

Mobile & Digital

Master emerging technologies and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow

Understanding the Digital Landscape

learn what is happening in the ever-changing and developing world of digital payment solutions. Analysis, insight and case studies will provide understanding on the opportunities and challenges this presents to payment providers and retailers.

Contactless (NFC)

– provides a thorough understanding on both the business and technical aspects of successfully launching and managing contactless payment programmes.

Digital Wallets

– what is a digital wallet? how do you develop the business case? how do you gain consumer and retailer engagement? what are the implementation challenges and how do you realize the opportunities? Our workshop answers all these questions and more, supported by real-world examples.

Digital Identity and Authentication

– a critical factor in the adoption of new payment technologies and channels this workshop will provide an insight into key technologies, challenges and opportunities that secure, convenient and simple authentication presents and looks at the importance of digital identity within our industry.

We are running an ‘open’ programme of this course – for more details please click here 

Mobile and Cloud-Based Payments

– covers the differences between Secure Element(SE) and the HCE ecosystem, user experience, transaction processes and security, scheme requirements and implementation considerations.

We are running an ‘open’ programme of this course – for more details please click here

Building the Digital Customer Experience

– at the heart of any new payment service or product has to be the end-user experience if they are to be adopted. But what makes a great customer experience and what are the pitfalls? Setting the context with real-life examples, this interactive workshop will provide you with the knowledge to get your customer digital experience right and enable you to develop your own roadmap to successfully launch and gain adoption of your service.

Loyalty in a Digital World

– optimizing and retaining customers is paramount to the success of any payment programme. The new world of digital opens up both opportunities and challenges to do this. Fresh ideas on how to segment, target, engage and incentivise customer behaviour will be explored demonstrated by a variety of interesting case studies from around the globe. 

Social Media

– is an essential component of an effective digital marketing strategy. Packed with examples and case studies, this programme shows you the successes and pitfalls in developing and managing this ever popular channel to engage customers.

The Future of Technology and Payments

– provides insight into topics that will influence future payment innovation over the next ten years covering evolving technology, the role of data, augmented payments and the use of biometrics.  All with a focus on what this means to future business models (payments and retail) and consumer spending behaviour.

Understanding The Blockchain

– this workshop is designed specifically for those with a non-technical background and is aimed to provide an easy-to-understand introduction into the key concepts, practical implications and opportunities that this technology could bring to you and your business.

We are running an open programme of this event – for more details please click here