Solve the challenges of today and maximise the opportunities of tomorrow

Managing a complex and fast-changing payments business presents some big challenges, as well as providing some unique opportunities.

Our in‑depth, comprehensive management development training will equip you with the insights, skills and knowledge you need to meet those challenges and exploit those opportunities. Using real-life business simulations, it’s unlike anything else available in the market today:

  • Practical and hands-on, with stimulating debate and discussion to reinforce and embed knowledge.
  • Tailored and structured, with a series of core business sessions plus elective sessions on our longer programmes.
  • Designed for team working and relationship building through competitive group work, generating new thinking and fresh ideas that are relevant to your business.
  • Focused on results, with detailed guidance on analysing the market, devising your strategy and making decisions.
  • Delivered by leading payments experts, who are actively engaged in the industry, with multiple sector and market experience

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"The practical sessions were very interesting, and the whole course has dynamic and fun!"

"Well balanced! Good combination of lectures and practical sessions. The simulation was really good fun and helped me learn a lot!"

Practical simulation-based training that delivers results

Our intensive, in-depth management training courses are fully flexible can be delivered face to face or remotely. They’re aimed at managers across all areas, to encourage an integrated approach to your payments business with a clear focus on increasing profitability.

The Payment Business School management training will allow you to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of managing a payments business of today.
  • Understand the strategic and management issues and how to deal with them.
  • Learn how decisions across the business can impact the profitability of a payment programme.
  • Master the key cost and revenue drivers that underpin a successful business.
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges in the new world of payments.

Key areas covered include:

  • Understanding the payment landscape
  • Building profitable portfolios
  • Creating propositions that customers want
  • Managing the risks
  • Tactics and tools for driving growth
  • The impact of regulation
  • New channels and product innovation
  • The future of payments

Example – 2 Day Management Development Programme

Day One

Understanding the Payments Landscape

Sets the scene by looking at the key issues and challenges impacting the payment industry including the competitive and regulatory environment, the market impact on revenues and profitability, and how consumer attitudes and needs to payments are changing.

Developing Compelling Propositions

Using case studies from a multitude of markets this session will look at how to develop propositions that consumers will engage with – covers product development, segmentation and channel Management.

Simulation Group Work (Strategy and Product)

Delegates get to work in teams to develop a new payment proposition, formulate a strategy and decide how to test the market, using a business simulation designed to support the learning experience.

Maintaining and Building Portfolio Profitability

This session will help develop an understanding of how profitability is managed through active management, rather than financial accounting and will cover: the key cost and revenue drivers within the P&L and the current pressures, along with how to analyze the P&L to quantify issues, formulate options an d measure the success of response.

Managing the Risks

With a focus on the business impact, this session provides insight to non-credit risk specialists as to what it is and how the key credit risk management tools (credit scoring, cut-offs and over-rides) can be effectively used to address key risk issues. 

Simulation Group Work (Risk)

Building upon the first Group Work session, key learning is reviewed and each Group will have the opportunity to refining their proposition and strategy (with a focus on credit risk) before launching into the market – whereby they will be competing against the other groups in the workshop. 

Day Two

Tools and Tactics for Driving Profitability

Actively managing the existing customer base is the most cost effective way of increasing profitability. This session will show you  what to do and how to do it, from the identification of profitable versus unprofitable cardholder behaviours to matching appropriate tactics to specific cardholder activities to help maximise your portfolio’s profitability.

Simulation Group Work (Activation & Usage)

Results from the launch are reviewed and each group will look at how their portfolio is performing with a focus on key P&L drivers. Decisions then need to be made as to how they can drive activation and usage of their payment product. 

Understanding the impact of Regulation

Regulation is having an ever increasing role in shaping the future of payments. This session will provide an overview of, what are the key drivers and motives are, the key regulatory initiatives around the world and importantly the strategic / business impact of these.

Simulation Group Work (External influences)

Profitability, risk and usage are all reviewed however, like real life this session includes some announcements regarding the market environment which will challenge the delegates to assess their strategy and how to respond.

Innovation in Payments

Innovation in payments – what is different and why now? How is technology shaping payments of tomorrow and what does this mean for card issuers and the traditional payment business models? –  contactless, mobile, digital and e-commerce will all be covered.

Future Forum

This is an opportunity to discuss with the Payment Business School Faculty what the future of payments looks like, further explore the learning from the programme and how this can be considered when facing the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Simulation Groupwork (Results)

The most profitable portfolio is announced along with the key learnings from all the Group Work sessions – with a reward for the winners!