Stay ahead in a fast-moving market

Payment Cards dominate the way consumers pay for goods and services today. But new regulation, technology and competition mean that the payments business face big challenges to growth and profitability.

Margins are being squeezed as new regulations are introduced.

New entrants are shaking up the market, creating a competitive threat for traditional players.

Consumers are much more savvy, with a greater awareness of choice, and far less brand loyalty than before.

The Payment Business School will help you meet the needs of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Our comprehensive range of courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge to manage a highly successful payment card business.

You’ll get expert insights from some of the world’s leading payment professionals, with practical examples and real-world scenarios. Our hands-on approach means you learn fast and develop new thinking that you can implement straight away in your business.

Our courses will help you:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the payment card business.
  • Maximise your profits and exploit new opportunities.
  • Streamline your operations for increased productivity.
  • Comprehensively manage risk to protect your business.
  • Confidently understand the future and its implications on your organisation.

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"Understanding Payments 101- 4th October, London
All you need to know about the world of payments - See 'Events' for more details"

"Very good introduction to acquiring and very useful – was also fun!"

"Very good subject knowledge, and the course was delivered in a simple and easy to understand manner."

Our Payment Card Programmes


Gain a thorough understanding of the principles of the payment card businesses

Understanding Payments - 101

our fast track programme, run over 1 or 2 days, provides a comprehensive understanding of all the essential aspects of the payment business packed with case studies and examples from around the world.

We are running an ‘open’ programme of this course – for more details please Click Here

The World of Payment Acceptance, Acquiring and m-POS

provides a thorough overview of what makes a successful merchant acquiring business, its key elements and the considerations of entering the Acquiring market including new payment acceptance such as m-POS.

We are running an ‘open’ version of this programme – for more details please click here

Credit / Debit Card Fundamentals

– covering either Credit or Debit, the Fundamentals course will look at all critical areas of managing a successful payment card programme with the focus on profitability.

Commercial Cards

learn how to launch and manage  a successful business card programme understanding how to maximise the opportunities across segments and commercial spend categories.

Successful Pre-Paid Programmes

our course is designed to help you learn what is required to launch and manage a successful prepaid programme covering the end to end product life-cycle, identification of suitable propositions for your target market, through to market launch.

Understanding Payment Schemes

our programme will help you understand how to objectively select or assess a card scheme as a partner for your card programme and how to write an effective RFP.

Understanding the European Payment Landscape

– whilst our programme can provide a holistic view, it can also include specific markets to reflect your needs covering economic overview, market payment behaviour, regulation, competitive landscape and key payment initiatives.

Portfolio Management

Get more from your operation and increase profitability

Unlocking the value of data

– will teach you how to understand  the key data elements and approaches to analysis that shows how your card portfolio is performing and how effective management information can drive future results, through practical exercises.

Driving activation and usage

– our workshops will enable you to develop effective activation and usage strategies for driving improved profitability. Focus is on customer segmentation based upon “activity-based” behaviour, a tool-kit of approaches and best practice to engage these customers (credit or debit).

Debit: its role and the profit opportunity

– our workshop will show how you can demonstrate the important role of the debit card in profit contribution to the current account, using a wide variety of case studies from across the globe, along with how you capitalize on the opportunity the debit card presents.

Increasing Credit Profitability

– this practical workshop will provide understanding on the key drivers and dynamics of running a profitable credit card programme along with the key factors of staying ahead of your competition in today’s current climate.

Profitable Acquiring

– our workshop you will explore the inter-relationships between strategy, program governance, acquisition, pricing, client management, marketing and operations and the critical role each plays in driving the overall profitability of merchant acquirers.


– this workshop will explore the drivers behind customer loyalty and want makes customers leave, along with tactics and techniques that can make a positive difference in all aspects of customer management.

Commercial Profitabilty

this interactive workshop will show youhow to drive the profitability of your business card portfolio, what key levers and strategies you can use and how to exploit new opportunities.

Building Compelling Propositions

– provides insight into the challenges of developing compelling card propositions and how best to address these using market evidence and case studies.

Campaign / Channel Management

– focuses on demonstrable best practice on how to optimise your marketing efforts with your existing customer base to maximise revenue opportunities.  Interactive exercises help you identify these for your card offering within your market.


– this workshop will provide the knowledge and skills required to establish a successful co-brand programme, how to manage, evaluate and, if needed, change these.

Portfolio Migration

– what are the key considerationsin migrating a portfolio between schemes, how can you manage migrations successfully and what are the key people and communication impacts.


Manage your card programmes efficiently and optimise your resources

Dispute Resolution

– our programmes, which are case study rich, cover the full dispute resolution cycle – chargeback, representment, pre- arbitration through to arbitration and compliance. 

Using branch and call centres to drive payment card sales

– our workshops outline state-of-the-art techniques for engaging customers with relevant and meaningful offers, exploring how to set-up an effective and realistic segmentation scheme(s) that match customers and available offers.  Important sales skills and incentive programs that motivate staff and maximize sales will be explored.

Innovation in Customer Service

– balancing resources, reacting to business conditions and technological change presents unique challenges in placing the customer first. This programme will explore these and demonstrate, through examples around the world, how organisations are meeting the new expectations of customers.

Risk Management

Minimise risk and protect your business

Acquirer Risk Management

– our workshop shows how an Acquirer risk manager can manage fraud and credit risks effectively with best practice methods to control potential losses to their business.

Issuer Fraud Management

– this programme will highlight the main threats facing card issuers,  best practices which they can take to protect themselves and how new technology solutions can make transactions more secure.

Managing e-Comm Risk

– with e-Commerce growing year-on-year, the number one concern for consumers and retailers is fraud and security. This workshop will explore through best practice case studies how risk can be minimized and what is needed to develop an effective on-line risk management strategy.

Credit Risk and Profitability

this interactive workshop explores the inter-relationships between strategy, risk, marketing and profitability; and the impact credit risk decisions can have on the P&L of a credit card portfolio.


– covers understanding on infrastructure cryptography, management of card and authentication methods, setting of card risk parameters and how to manage the customer experience of EMV cards.


– covers all you need to know on PCI DSS standards and a step-by-step explanation on the key requirements needed to ensure customer payment data is proactively protected.

We can tailor content from across any of our programmes to meet your specific needs